EventoGYN was developed so that there is no need for the organizers of the event, await those interested in participating in this, moving up one spot to perform their entries by physical means. It allows online registration of interested and making the payment of the registration can be made through a bank, credit card and other means. complete and efficient reports may be obtained at any time in the Administration.

The event website can be developed in several languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, etc., and receipts are automatically converted to US Dollar or Euro.

Main advantages:

  • Processes were manual become automatic: registration, application, payment, duplicate for payment if necessary, reports, frequency of the event, etc.
  • Error reduction: Human interference in the process is less, this way, as the system has no chance of failure, significantly reduces the occurrence of problems.
  • Minor inconvenience for those interested in the event: They can make all processes through the site, no longer needing to travel to carry out the registration, request duplicate for payment or even monitor the situation of the payment made.
  • Ease in carrying out the registration, payment by credit card or issue of ticket, reprint this if necessary, proof of registration on the screen and automatically sent to the email. registration of payment by invoice or bank deposit, credit card, online debit, the view of the organizers, Banking Portfolio, or custom.
  • Disclose the page link of the event and registration for the e-mails of academics (s) course (s) of interest.

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