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Event Web Site

Using a simple and intuitive tool, it is possible to create in minutes a web site with event information, and even integrate it with traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics. The event site can have your private domain (
If the event already has a web site that was created previously, it can be integrated to that web site to take care only of the registrations of participants and / or works.

Online Registration

This page is available on the web (internet), which allows interested parties to register as Event Participants.
Automatic calculation of the registration fee;
Selection and processing of the form of payment of your interest;
The online application process is configurable and can be made available in languages other than Portuguese.

Registration Control
Available in the Administrative Area. It allows browsing the list of participants enrolled in the event, view and change their data and more.
The system also allows, on the same screen, to inform and check the payments made, the delivery of documentation of the participants (if applicable), and exclude participants who give up, making a refund of payment, if applicable.
All information can be exported to Microsoft Excel format for use in more specific processing.

Submission / Evaluation of Papers
When the event includes scientific or technical works, a page is available on which participants can register the summary of the work they wish to present. All the fields of a summary are configurable in the system, so that it can be adapted to the needs of each event.
For each work submitted, the evaluator (s) with restricted access, can approve or reject them. The result of the job evaluation is automatically emailed to the author (s), by the system, and is still available in your participant area.

Streamline the event queue with Check-in via Mobile Phones
When the organization of the Event wishes to control frequency for issuance of Certificates, the Electronic frequency can be used through Smartphones.
It functions as a check-in, where we point the camera from the mobile phone to the registration form, badge or even the participant's cell phone screen with the plug open, and through the QR code, the entry / exit is recorded

Make participants' certificates available for download from the web.
You can create certificates for the event as a whole, or individual certificates for each of the activities that the event contains. In both cases, the issuance of certificates can be linked to a minimum frequency of participation, obtained through the data collected in access control or manually inserted into the system


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